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Self-Image and Identity:Be Real, Be You!

Image of reflection of two faces

Image is what people think we are; integrity is what we really are. John C .Maxwell

Which is easier; being yourself or trying to be someone else?

While we often have people in our lives who we may idealise or emulate, or role modelling, trying to be something or someone you are not; shrouds you in a restlessness, exhaustion, or disjointedness that is on display for all to see, leaving you open to ridicule.

The audience will usually sense any uneasiness and begin to question your identity and authenticity.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

Genuineness- Are you sacrificing your success or the success of the business?

A cartoon figure lifting the lid to look at what is needed to be a leader .

Leading with purpose, leading the true self, establishing quality relationships are all part of the parcel of being authentic.

It is not so much the question why are you sacrificing your uniqueness, but what you have sacrificed by doing so? For example, true value, identity and integrity. Being authentic, leads to being open to receptiveness, creativity, truth, motivation.

A business’s success is about who the business is, what it is about, what they do, how they can change lives, as also their motivation via mission and values. This is the ‘standalone’ or ‘stand out’ of showing genuineness. Leading from the heart earns trust. This has more importance to the business success, than the harsh realities of raising revenue or outshining the competition. Because it is the internal energies that make the sunshine and outshine others.

A brand, whether it is yourself, work colleagues or the organisation you work for, is about how to project a uniqueness and even dynamism to the world. Look to role model leaders for examples of authenticity, and then craft your own style.

A business would be looking to hire you, not only for your qualification value, but also for your uniqueness, what extra X-factors you can bring onboard, especially in times of tight job or limited skills markets.

What we know matters but who we are matters more. – Brené Brown

Unique business selling point = Higher Value.

What do you think qualifies authenticity?

  • Your relationships with others such as colleagues, friends and family?

  • Your self awareness of using your uniqueness?

  • Being happy with yourself, comfortable in your own skin?

  • Is your success derived from the coat tails of others or are you successful by your own determination?

  • Seeing the results of valuing yourself?

Be your own “unique business selling point” of what lies within you by tapping into the knowledge, skills and experience you already have. Why compromise yourself by only offering a small part of what you have to offer? You become more resourceful if you work to eliminate burdens to restructure the capabilities you have rather than try harder to be in a place or situation where you are not displaying your true value through your uniqueness.

"A fruit tree does not grow well in a flowerpot, it needs to be given enough room to express its creativity and spread its branches with the resulting fruit benefiting all."

Berries in bloom

As leader, present yourself with your authenticity of being trusting, that leads to creating a generating mindset in any given situation and the fruits will bloom.

You create value while being unique and authentic. This is what brings forth from others a sense of trust, and that drives the momentum that generates the benefits for the business. From work well done there is always, for those who take pride in their work, at the individual level satisfaction surrounded by the satisfaction and approval of your work colleagues. We all can bask in each other’s sunshine.

Be you, be real!

Contact Chameleon Confidential Solutions to help free you from the shackles of being someone you are not, grow in your authenticity and get to bask in the sunshine of your future success now!

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